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Last bomb ? - La dernière bombe !

This Island Earth

The official site of the Funk/Rock/Pop/Soul Combo known as "The International Sin", with Real Audio files of the last albums, and available shareware albums, and other useless things... How did you get here ?

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What is The International Sin ?

A brief history...
Well... In the early 80's, Vincent Chaix and his brother Laurent Chaix were in Lyon (France) for a while... The first composition of the International Sin was an "electro-pop" three-member band (guitar + bass + synth) plus a TR808 drumbox. The first concept of their music was "Funk dénaturé - out of nature funk" (because of the inappropriate instruments used for this kind of music). Later came a female singer (Sylvie Laurin) and a drummer (Laurent Droulez). From this period, only one six-track vinyl album (Out !) was released in 1985. 

A year later, the band split into two different bands: the International Sin (with lead singer and guitarist Vincent Chaix, and bass Thierry Hilaire) and the electro pre-techno band called "Botom-Botom". A new keyboard (Philippe Tchekemian) joined the band, and also the former drummer, Laurent Droulez. This combo made a cover of "Brazil" in the Acousti studio in Paris in 1988, but the production never got off the ground. In the early nineties, lead singer and keyboard merged with another half-band (Didier Vialy as drummer and Nicolas Guyot as bass). Then another guitarist (Thierry Kara) joined. That's the formation which produced the album "This island earth" in 1994. After this recording, the live-part of the band declined progressively, while the studio-part continued its work with the hardware acquired for the recording of "This island earth". The last release of the complete band was a contribution to the compilation " Last Bomb ? - La dernière bombe !", where two tracks appear as International Sin. On this record, there are also two tracks from the other Chaix brother group, "Botom-Botom".

And now...
The International Sin is now the label for Vincent Chaix productions. All of the instruments and vocals are performed by Vincent Chaix. Music and lyrics, too. And recording and mix also. The mastering process is handled at the AvediS company in Lyon. As these productions don't target any commercial goal, the internet is the only means to hear the International Sin songs. So you are in... I hope you'll appreciate them...

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The International Sin Albums available on CD are listed on the left side. You can hear or download the tracks with mp3 player, after clicking of the title or the sleeve of the CD.

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Electronic mail address for The International Sin:  cxv1 at

The "Flores" studio - All about music hardware used for the disks, and other tips...

If you are interested in home-studio recording, you will find on this link another page specific to the "Flores" studio, the International Sin home-studio. You will find some comments on the hardware used, some tips, other good links for home-studio recording... Go to the Flores Studio Home Pages...

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